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"The wall between law and popular culture allows a lot of traffic to pass in both directions. In particular," claim the authors of a book on law at the movies and on television, "we believe that popular culture both constructs our perception of the law and changes the way that the players in the legal system behave." Law and Popular Culture, by Michael Asimow & Shannon Mader
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Dark Waters (2019)

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Perry Mason (2020) - HBO
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Studio Chief
Rich Barrera
JD - University of Chicago
MA - Yale University
BA - Colorado College

The scope of Popcorn Law is wide, including movies and television shows about the law and justice, about the legal system, about trials, but also movies and shows which just include creative courtroom scenes, or cast lawyers in just a supporting role. Popcorn Law movies and television shows range from serious cinema to thrillers and comedies.

Pre-Perry Mason Raymond Burr - PopcornLaw Movie - Please Murder Me (1956)